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There's a major problem in St. Louis

Malcolm X once said, “If you want to hide something put it in a book”. This quote comes to mind when looking at statistics of African American students in the St.Louis area reading proficiency level. With only 31.7% of African American third grade students being the top percentage for students in any St.Louis district, we see that hiding anything in a book is very much possible if students can’t even read. Literacy to You has the solution to bolstering student reading levels within the city of St.Louis by providing supplemental services to areas schools and families.

The Data

Percentage of Missouri third-graders in Promise Zone public school districts who tested proficient in reading in 2019, according to MAP scores

SOURCE: Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

St.Louis reading levels by district

University City

Total proficiency 41.1%

Black proficiency 30.5%

Total Black students 80%


 Total proficiency 34.9%

Black proficiency 31.7%

Total Black students 78.9%


Total proficiency 26.9%

Black proficiency 24%

Total Black students 82.8%


Total proficiency 26%

Black proficiency 22.9%

Total Black students 99%

Normandy Schools Collaborative

Total proficiency 16.9%

Black proficiency 14.7%

Total Black students 94.7%

Riverview Gardens

Total proficiency 12.8%

Black proficiency 12.6%

Total Black students 99%

St. Louis

Total proficiency 19.1%

Black proficiency 11.9%

Total Black students 79%

State of Missouri

Total proficiency 48.7%

Black proficiency 24.3%

Total Black students 15.7%

What if we give student's more books?

We see that urban school districts are more likely to contain libraries and that the circulation of children's materials tends to be stronger in these areas as a result. Yet some research suggests that socioeconomically disadvantaged children, including children of color, are less likely to have books in the home or read at home. Thus, the map surfaces a critical point: the work of increasing reading among our most vulnerable families does not stop at access.

That's were Literacy to You 314 comes in.

By assisting families with school-aged students that are struggling with reading, want to help their student but have no idea where to start, or simply aren't interested in reading by providing the following

-Books featuring black protagonists and written by black authors.

-Reading guides and activity pages for every book.

-Virtual bi-weekly book club that provides reading strategies that will boost comprehension, reading level, and confidence.


Reach out today to sign your student up!

Email us at [email protected] for more information.

Student general intake form

Founding team intake form

Author book submission form

"Literacy to You 314 building confidence in self and literacy skills one student at a time."