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Where readers 

find themselves 

in every book.

About Us

About Us

A publishing company set on changing narratives one page at a time by focusing on amplifying women and POC voices in literature. Readers are guaranteed fresh content, quality products, and great customer service. 

A Note From The Editor

The one thing that I am most passionate about is that C & E Reflections Inc gives audiences fresh content to enjoy and most importantly reflect upon. I started C & E knowing that no one can tell "our" stories better than us. And by us, I mean women and people of color, two categories I identify with and oftentimes voices are muted or not represented at all in many of the spaces that we have to exist in. 

I wanted more for our work; the days of only being placed in the "urban lit" section of libraries or book stores are long gone, it is past time for us to come to the front. The continued narratives filled with struggle love and trauma are being phased out because we are much more than that and deserve more than that reflected back to us. 

This is what drives me to put out quality narratives that represent the various aspects of our existence. With quality in mind, every piece of work be it a book, article, or blog post is thoroughly examined for content, quality, and audience appeal before hitting public consumption. These pieces are more than random journal entries let loose for the sake of being published but true pieces of art, that envoke the reader's emotions by allowing them to see through the writer's eyes. 

I truly hope that you enjoy every piece released under our umbrella and be inspired to raise your voice.


Jacquelyn Randle is an author born and raised in the St. Louis area, with her first publication at the age of 15. With an extensive background in education and community outreach, she provides viewers with a refreshing take on today's world and events. Not only does she give audiences a new voice to listen to but provides a level of transparency that hasn't been seen in years. "If my story and work can inspire just one person to reflect and to grow in their own life, then I can change the world." Wearing many hats she is also the lead editor and consultant at C & E Reflections Inc and helps other aspiring authors get their narratives on the page and published.

Quality Books

C & E Reflections Inc. provides the finest quality in printed material as well as digital marketing; making sure to pay attention to every detail.

Authentic Material

Authors present not only authentic but refreshing content for viewers to indulge, enjoy, and reflect upon after reading.

Quality Content Guaranteed

At C & E Reflections Inc. we only release quality products. One of the ways that we critique our products is by conducting targeted focus groups before printing and releasing to the public. We value our customer's opinions about our products and take them into full consideration during the creative and production process. Enjoy some of the feedback given below.

"It felt so good to finally see myself in a book that I was reading. I felt like I was having a conversation with a friend."

Brittany L.

"Even though I'm a grandmother, I took away information and new ways to approach the difficult subjects we are facing with my granddaughter."

Glenda T.

"I didn't expect the level of honesty that was presented. It was refreshing to hear and made me look into myself as a mother and as a woman."

Jessica A.

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